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Welcome Jam Festers! Please sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you informed about the Nola Jam Fest, concert dates, venue, and artist line up information.

At this time we are looking to partner with a reputable promoter and/or producer with sponsor procurement capabilities that is able to coordinate, initiate, and implement a plan of action for the Nola Jam Fest.

My inspiration for the Nola Jam Fest is derived from being able to enjoy a lifetime of fine local musical artist and it is my desire to host an event for all of our local musical entertainers from all genres to perform and have fun. It’s not so much about supporting local, it is local. Additional elements of the festival would include art & craft exhibits, novelty merchandisers, food vendors, and perhaps some great giveaways such as, musical equipment, tickets to concerts, and vacation packages to name a few. The Ideal achievement for this venue would be to have an exciting, event filled festival that will be enjoyed by local music lovers and all who come.

If you would like more details and information or you would like to promote and/or produce this event and have sponsor procurement capabilities, the rewards are high. Please keep in mind this is not a job offer, it is an opportunity and the rewards (pay) come when the event takes place.

All interested parties from musicians to producers, patrons to vendors, etc., may contact Mahoney @ 504-228-0690, or you can email him @, he would be happy to hear from you and discuss the Nola Jam Fest. For your convenience, if you prefer, we have provided several online forms for those who wish to participate in this venue.

Thank You for your interest in the Nola Jam Fest!!!

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